Over the last few years, I've had the opportunity

to work with some very fun creative projects.


I had a few different notions that kept me inspired.

The first of the projects was an attempt at writing a book.

It was designed for young people and built around the number 21.

A 21 day system to learn 21 new and useful skills.

I attempted to first of all learn and write about a wide variety of

ideas ranging from personal understanding and development to 

ways of operating with higher efficiency and improved performance. 

After that project, I found tha

Lucid Note

I embarked upon the project to create a better notebook. 

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As we move through the world,

muses are all around us.

The adventure of exploring the globe

leads to endless inspiration

for creative endeavors.

In my projects, I think it’s fun to balance

on the edge of elegance and eccentricity.