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Youtube is not a new venture for me. I’ve been playing around with the idea of launching a youtube channel for a long time. What seems to happen each time is that I’ll do a stint of videos and then leave it for a while. What I struggle with is consistency.


I am putting this post together to show off what I’ve been able to put onto the platform so far.


There are three (soon to be four, with the addition of muse + move) main categories on the channel.


  1. Lucid Education (professionally filmed)
  2. Lucid Education (home filming)
  3. Miscellaneous (including my crowdfunding videos)


I’ve been advised to keep the videos private, but if you’re on this page, I will share the link with you to view them.


Lucid Education (Professionally done)

This playlist holds the first session of videos that I had produced. I had these done the first summer home from college. I spent my entire savings, about $1,000, to get these produced from family friends. I love these videos because they represent an amazingly creative time in my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing scripts, putting together film sets, and finally getting in front of the camera.  


The following topics were explored.



  • Personal Discovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Time Management
  • Background Videos



Lucid Education (Home Filming)


The following links are to a series of videos that I produced over the span of a week with nothing more than a tripod and a camera. However, when looking back at these videos I actually do think there is great content here. It’s much more free-flowing and easy going then the professionally filmed videos.


At one point I was looking to build a platform for youth education. My early college years were spent designing educational tools like videos and courses to cover various things that I thought would benefit people my age. Most of the things that I wanted to teach about were shown to me through the LEAP foundation, not formal education. More on that story here.


The following list are the categories / playlists of videos that were recorded. Click each title to go to the page.



  • Mentorship: The value of mentors, tips about how to attract mentors, and how to be a great mentee.

In this series of videos I discuss and share formulas that help you connect with people that have done what you want to do. There is advice about how to reach out, prepare, interview, and follow up. Working with mentors is one of the most important things that I was taught at the LEAP foundation in California – and something I am still actively pursuing.



  • Time Management – I attempt to explain the value of time, ways to kill procrastination, and systems to manage your tasks and win back your days!


So, you have a lot to do? I’ve recorded a few videos that may help you implement some new systems and take control of your days and activities. Every second spent is at the expense of another. How do we ensure we’re spending our time in the right way? I also discuss how olympians use a technique that will help you win your days!


  • Networking  – This series of videos is designed to help you grow and manage relationships with those who are important to you.

I explore how looking at the relationships in your life like the layers of an onion can help you keep in touch. with people. What does it take to create great relationships in your life? I talk about honest communication, trust, loyalty, passion and humor.


  • Personal Branding – The benefits of creating a personal brand, the essential aspects of a mission and vision, storytelling tips and managing your image online.

Creating a personal brand allows you to stand out as an individual. It will bring success and fulfillment in many areas of life. Personal branding is a very rewarding process, but also a very long and detailed one. It’s all about asking yourself questions like:


Who are you? What do you stand for? What do you want to be known for?


And then learning to wrap those answers into interesting and engaging stories for an audience.


With low costs, huge reach, and the ability to plan in advance — going online is crucial. How do you manage your image?



  • Social Skills – this is a 101 series on how to act in a graceful social manner, with tips on how to build friendships and attract people into your life! I also have a video explaining the important concept of love languages.

This section is all about how to meet new people and portray yourself in an attractive manner.


Dale Carnegie is an incredible man who wrote the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. His book is essentially a blueprint on how to become successful socially. He talks about tips and tricks to make others like you. I’ve used his work as an inspiration and backbone for many of the content in this section.


Another person I look into is Dr. Gary Chapman, who wrote the 5 love languages. Essentially, people appreciate and understand love in different ways. When you understand and speak these different languages effectively, your relationships with your significant other and/or family members will likely improve.



  • Etiquette – a fun selection of videos regarding the mannerisms and behaviors around events that we frequently encounter.

In this section of videos I have tips on how to handle formal dinners and networking events. Oh, I also have these fun little skits about how to be a “gentleman” and a “lady.” You should definitely check out the second one. It’s quite ironic.


  • Goal Setting – Videos about defining success on your own terms, setting smart goals to ensure success, building accountability systems, and taking a holistic approach to the goals you set.

This may be the most important collection of videos. Why? Because it is a collection of films that talk about the skills and mindset necessary for holistic achievement. From defining success in your own terms to systems that help you achieve it, these videos are filled with gold nuggets useful to anyone looking to take life to the next level.


  • Personal Discovery – writing a mission statement, understanding the power of why, seeing the world through different paradigms, and understanding your personality types.

If the last section isn’t the most important, then this one is. This series will cover topics that will help you gain a grip on who you are, what you want, and how to get there. I love these videos because they’re so applicable to everything that we do in our lives. Watching them will lead to greater self awareness = more confidence.


Viace Music Playlists

This is a collection of musical playlists that were designed in collaboration with ryan curtin from LivingRoomDanceFloor. These playlists were carefully crafted with specific ideas in mind in order to inspire adventure, creativity, and exploration.

Imagine. This playlist is for the creators, the innovators, and the dreamers. It’s sole purpose is to inspire positive creative thinking. So kick back and let the music put your mind at ease.

Legend. As the great Babe Ruth once said, “Remember kid, there’s heroes and there’s legends. Heroes get remembered but legends never die.” If you think you have what it takes to be a legend, cue up this playlist and get after it.

Quest. Are you always seeking out the next great adventure in life? Well, look no further. This carefully crafted playlist brings you all the songs you need to accompany you on your quest, no matter where you are going.

Muse + Move 

My most recent video project are these are great little personal development yoga videos that are designed to get you thinking about who you are while you workout your body.