My Entrepreneurial Mission and the psychological Balance of Three

This all happened while I was thinking about how to pitch my book. This book, “The 21 Project” was my attempt to understand what it means to live a life full of passion, purpose and excellence. You can read the full story about it here. At the time, I thought I was trying to come up with an interesting way to summarize what my objective had been in writing the book. Now, I realize that momentous evening was when I discovered my calling as an entrepreneur.


“Honey, what are you writing?” asked my Mom, as she came in to the library to give me a glass of water. I looked up from the paper on which I’d scribbled all different combinations of words and said “I’m trying to find a way to convey my message. I want to explain the purpose of this book in a way that is concise but at the same time leaves the door open for conversation.”


My mom sat down with me and identified three words on the paper that all began with the letter E.


  • Engage
  • Educate
  • Empower


These three words have become the starting point for everything I try to create. They are a mantra I repeat to myself every morning. These Three E’s are my mission.


I love the words because they embody my sense of whole, complete goodness.


While studying creative writing in school, my professor taught me that one means description, two is comparison, three is a complete idea. Psychologically, I’d rather have a complete idea than any other option.


I recently came up with another way to explain the ‘Three E’s’ as the key factors defining the people likely to be most interested in the LucidNote project.


  • Expression
  • Experience
  • Empowerment


The Lucid Note is perfect for people who express themselves artistically, seek new experiences in life, and who pursue taking their existence to the next level.

The LucidNote is my way of sharing my mission with the world. Ideally, people will be inspired by the prompts to look deeper at who they are and what they stand for, facilitating growth that leads to success in all areas of life.


Once again, thanks for taking a look at this document. It means a lot to me that you’ve got the interest.