Welcome to an overview of my entrepreneurial ideas over the last few years…


I appreciate your interest in this story. Here is a quick outline of what to expect…

  1. T-Shirts and Tsunamis
  2. E-Learning
  3. Writing a Book
  4. Developing a Media House
  5. Building the LucidNote
  6. Muse + Move

Over the years my life and outlook as an entrepreneur has changed dramatically. However, one truth has been consistent: I’ve always wanted to be engaged with helping people reach the best version of themselves.

T-Shirt businesses and Japanese people need my help!

I used the summer to start my first business designing t-shirts with simple inspirational designs. With the idea of “seeing clearly,” Lucid began several years ago as an apparel company.

I participated in the inaugural Young Entrepreneurs Academy, a year-long business development program. Each of the participants in the program worked on a business from concept through pitching to investors, from creating a business plan to sourcing a product and marketing. I began the year working on my Lucid apparel business. When the tsunami hit Japan on my 18th birthday, I felt compelled to change my direction, setting up a small nonprofit that raised money for the relief effort.

The Very Beginning: E-Learning and the Lucid Vision.

Lucid Vision is my dream. I want to impact this world by helping young adults learn the skills and fundamentals that lead to success in school, social life and as young professionals. My studies over the past few years have led to the development of a curriculum”  – Thoughts 09/14.

My early college years were spent designing courses to cover various life skills that I wasn’t exposed to in formal education.

“Imagine a network of successful individuals around the country who meet with a small group of students each month to share what what works, doesn’t work and lessons learned about business and life. I envision having a collection of student bloggers who then share their perspective about lessons they’ve learned from these mentors.”  (slideshow)


During this phase I created a short series of youtube videos. I spent all my savings to hire a video/edit crew and put my ideas into the world. No financial success came from this – a common thread. However, this was my first taste of media work. The link is right here.


The 21 Project. Becoming an Author.


The idea for LucidVision manifested in the form of a book. I chose this because I could take the curriculum, research stories, and compile without the need for a team. It was manageable. Here’s the full story about that journey.


These are the key categories that were covered in the book.

  • Personal Discovery: The knowledge that can lead to a life full of passion and purpose.
  • Goal Setting: The skills to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Time & Energy: Tactical approach to managing what goes on in life. Energy and Effort.
  • Leverage and Learning: How to approach, impress, and work with interesting people. The skills to be resourceful and proactive with your environment and education.
  • Social Skills: The section about social skills is designed to help you understand the basics (and not so basics) of interaction and make positive impressions, build rapport, and become a great conversationalist.
  • Personal Branding: Control the impression you give to others.
  • Miscellaneous: Health, Money and the Wonder in the world.


Developing a Media House & Community


What is covered in this section did not all happen at the same time, however it’s all related.

One question I’ve had for a while as an entrepreneur is do I want to be on the cover of the magazine, or the one who created the magazine?  


Whilst my answer was “Develop”, I looked to AskMen.com and RedBulletin as the parents for the type of magazine I wanted to create.


I had a mission to create a source of digital inspiration. I wanted to create a platform for storytelling. I wanted to share stories of adventure, creativity and exploration.


I envisioned this going beyond a website. I wanted to sponsor cool projects. I wanted to host events where the community can gather. I wanted to emulate Ted Talks, Red Bull Illume (photography contests) & SXSW (music festivals).

My vision was to build a community of people who push the boundaries, make beautiful things and pursue life passionately. This community was to be called:

ViACE (Vee-ah-say); Vitalize Adventure, Creativity and Exploration.

I backed down from giving this idea 100%. I felt naive and scared.

The product: A Lucid Note.


What I did end up creating was a notebook called the LucidNote. The mission behind this product was to develop a series of prompted journals to help people capture their stories.

The Lucid Note was designed to ease the how and what of journaling through organization. Plus, inspirational quotes and thought-provoking prompts to help people achieve a story out of life.


The original goal was to create notebooks out of strategic partnerships with artists and companies alike that support our community of people.

I had the vision for three notebooks: Quest, Imagine, and Legend.

Quest is a notebook for explorers, travelers, and searchers. It will be comprised of questions, prompts, ideas, quotes, etc. that pertain to the world around them.

Imagine is a notebook for creatives. The person who wants to be the best artist, designer, inventor, sculptor, visionary that they can be.

Legend is a notebook for competitors. Whether that is game on the field or in the business world. This journal will be filled with prompts that are designed to get you to think in a way that the best performers think.


I had the idea of utilizing a podcast to build a community where I’d deep-dive into the subject’s (say, an artist or an entrepreneurs) selection of 3 questions from the Lucid Note. Both their choice of questions and their answers will offer useful insight to current users of the notebook. Inspirations for my podcast are Lewis Howes‘ The School of Greatness and John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur on Fire. I recommend both for people who are into personal development, like a great host, and want to hear inspiring interviews.


What actually happened is a completely different story. One version was created to be launched through a crowdfunding platform. This took me on an amazing ride. It was the application of everything I learned in school.  Read about that journey here.


Muse + Move


Currently, I’d rather be “on the magazine” and am putting effort into building a personal brand.


My goal is to live the most meaningful life I can, and to help others do the same.

Like many others, I’ve found that the practices of yoga and meditation enhance life in myriad ways.  I have developed a unique approach that combines these disciplines.

It begins with the belief that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of the questions we ask ourselves.  I believe great abundance comes from pondering the important questions and acting upon the answers we arrive at.

My unique twist on the practices of yoga and meditation is to explore movement through body AND mind concurrently.

I have created a series of yoga routines I call ViACE Vinyasas which combine body movements with the contemplation of meaningful questions. Move + Muse.

The goal is to achieve greater self-understanding as we challenge our bodies physically.

These routines are designed to move us all closer to self-realization. Together we will begin to uncover our gifts, personality, sense of humor and, most importantly, what makes us tick, our heart.

I am doing this because I see great things coming from this pursuit. I want to have vitality in my body and mind. I think yoga is a great way of achieving that goal. Plus, I want to develop a personal brand and positively influence people around the world. Third, I think it will lead to a fun lifestyle full of adventures, creativity, and exploration. I want to the opportunity to travel, write, speak, teach, etc. that will come from this!


Thank you so much for reading through this. Please check out the rest of the blog while you’re here. Ciao!