The 21 Project is a Self-Help / Exploration book that I wrote while I was 21.


The journey began with a piece of paper and two questions:

  1. How do I improve my performance?
  2. How do I enhance my experience?


Who do I admire?


The next step was looking to a few role models. I searched for people who seem to be making the most of life. What traits lead to an extraordinary life? I wanted to take life to the next level.

I then wrote out 21 skills that would be useful to me. The book has seven sections – each three chapters deep. Each chapter has three parts;

a.) why question is worth answering

b.) a role model / someone worth learning from

c.) a challenge to implement the skill


These are the key categories that were covered in the book.

  • Personal Discovery: The knowledge that can lead to a life full of passion and purpose.
  • Goal Setting: The skills to turn your dreams into reality.
  • Time & Energy: Tactical approach to managing what goes on in life. Energy and Effort.
  • Leverage and Learning: How to approach, impress, and work with interesting people. The skills to be resourceful and proactive with your environment and education.
  • Social Skills: The section about social skills is designed to help you understand the basics (and not so basics) of interaction and make positive impressions, build rapport, and become a great conversationalist.
  • Personal Branding: Control the impression you give to others.
  • Miscellaneous: Health, Money and the Wonder in the world.


I never published.


I had trouble doing so. I didn’t feel ready. I felt that I am not expert… rather a guide and explorer trying to implement these lessons into my own life. Frankly, I struggled to be an example of what was talked about in the book.


I didn’t want to publish while operating in that state.


Throughout the journey, there were two mentors who shared key pieces of advice that impacted the choices made.


  • Write it for yourself. Focus on the journey, not the outcome. Let it make no difference whether anyone ever reads it. Just do it for you!
  • Build a piece, see who comes.

Now, walking away from this project,  I would never call myself an expert, but a peer who’s done some looking into role models from a few different industries and tried to identify the common grounds. I still try my best to lead a life in line with this book.


If you’d like to take a look into the book, you can click here.


Here are the Questions from the book.


1/7: Discover who I am.

  1. How can I take a step back and look at my perception or understanding of the world?
  2. What do I stand for, or what are my largest motivations?
  3. If there were a statement that defined my path in life, what would it say?

2/7: Understand strategies behind setting and achieving goals

  1. I hear success all the time, but how will I know when I have made it?
  2. When it comes to goals, what do I need to think about? What are the important areas?
  3. Now that I have goals, how do I succeed with them?

3/7: Manage my time and maximize my efforts. (be careful not to overwhelm yourself)

  1. How can I form and break habits to make the most of my energy?
  2. If time is the only thing I cannot get back, how do I make sure I am making the most of it?
  3. How can I learn from the past, live in the moment, and be well prepared for the future?

4/7: Identify and leverage important parts of my environment.

  1. How do I take advantage of what is available to me? How can I become resourceful?
  2. How can I identify who I need as teachers? How do I work with mentors?
  3. What is the fastest way to learn and most effective way to remember a new task?

5/7: Social Skills

  1. When it comes to meeting new people, how can I make a great impression/build rapport?
  2. How can I become an excellent communicator? What are the keys to conversation?
  3. How can I build deeper bonds with those who I care about the most?  

6/7: Personal Brand

  1. How can I carry myself with class?
  2. What are the keys to understanding and intentionally using body language?
  3. How can I make anyone do what I want? How to sell an idea to anyone.

7/7: Miscellaneous

  1. How can I vitalize body and mind?
  2. What are the keys to financial success?
  3. How can I keep up the child-like wonder and exploration throughout life?